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Who We Are

Noor Communication is providing one of the fastest broadband internet and network solutions throughout Dhaka, reliable for both gamers and regular users. We are Offering dedicated internet connection with various network solutions ensuring network stability for our Corporate and SME consumers. Along with a support manager for 24/7 response.Dot Internet provides both LAN & WAN networks solutions. With the help of our experienced network engineers, we ensure the most efficient Network solutions for our clients.

About US


Noor Communication with the commitment of quality internet service at an affordable price. At the time of commencement, Noor Connunication started with broadband service with the state of the art technology. Over time, our R & D team has developed and introduced many new technologies to meet the requirement of the new millennium. In the last 13 years, Dot Internet has introduced many new ideas and technologies to the internet industry. We are one of the top growing Internet Service Providers in Dhaka. Hoping to do much better in the broadband internet industry with great service at affordable prices.


Noor Communication Online Network is a private broadband internet service provider with 13 years of experience.